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Being a top sports performer or athlete is a dream for most people. This year, the 2012 Olympics in London will see many athletes perform in front of thousands at the games and millions in a worldwide TV audience.

For most, the life of these elite sports people seems idyllic. Their every need is looked after, and they have the adulation of their fans as they do something they love.

Events like this and others such as top soccer or rugby matches, All Ireland hurling and football finals are a far cry from the every day life of the performers.

The athletes put in hours of training and practice, often getting up at dawn and putting in several hours before most of us get out of bed. Becoming a top athlete is not just about being lucky and having talent, it also involves lots of really hard, punishing work.

The rewards can be great, but they have to be earned by putting in the effort and showing complete commitment and dedication to your dream.


Those of us in the audience see the glory and the medals. We see the joy and the extraordinary lifestyle. What we don’t see is the everyday life that all athletes have on top of their commitment to their sport. Sometimes we forget that each of our idols, is an ordinary person with all of the normal everyday things going on in their life.

For the elite athlete, success can bring financial rewards and security. Athletes at the top of their sport, earn enough to ensure they are provided for in life.

However, those who reach this level are the minority. They are the few – for most athletes, their sport is just another part of life.

These performers are the ones that live an everyday life and on top of their training routines, they have to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Most of them have normal jobs and family lives. They have mortgages to pay and the same bills and worries as everyone else.

Irish Sports Men & Women

In Ireland especially, our sports stars are the amateurs of Gaelic Sports. They have to hold down their jobs, pay their bills and deal with family issues as well as training for club and county, probably several times a week. As well as managing their life, they have the added strain of injuries, selection headaches. They cannot attend family functions as normal beause they have to stick to their routines. Sometimes they even change or move their own wedding days to fit in with their sports plans.

For people in this situation it is easy to allow your sports career take priority over your life. Partners and spouses are taken for granted and have to play second fiddle to your chosen sport. The manager or coach’s calls take preference over theirs. Making sure you are available for selection for a particular match or event can mean putting off holidays or days out. All of this can lead to stresses and strains that can affect your eventual performance. Learning to get the balance right is difficult, but not impossible.

Sports counselling Ireland offers a safe, non-judgemental place to explore these issues. We can help you to understand and deal with issues such as sports / life balance. Our service is confidential and staffed by professionally trained counsellors.

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