Suicide & Counselling

Suicidal ideation or thoughts of suicide can be very frightening. Whether you are trying to cope with your own thoughts or those of a friend or family member, suicide is a very difficult issue. Whatever the situation, it can be helpful to seek the help of an experienced professional.

Feeling Suicidal?

Some people who are suffering greatly in their lives turn to suicide or thoughts of suicide as a way of relieving the pain. When these thoughts begin to build it can feel like death is more preferable to living and there is no other option. In this bleak, dark, place friends and family can seem and feel so far away.

It can be hard to think that anyone could understand what you are feeling and it can feel like a very lonely and isolated place. Often those around you have no idea of the pain that you are in and life can seem very bleak.

Counselling and psychotherapy can give you the support that you need at this time to explore the feelings of despair and hopelessness that you are experiencing. 

Counselling is a safe, confidential and non-judgemental way of exploring your life and trying to understand what is causing you so much difficulty and pain.

The relationship with your therapist can give you the strength and support that you need to get through the dark, confusing time that you are in. Together with your counsellor, you can find a way through the darkness and back into a place where life can be more fulfilling and complete.

Your therapist will help you to explore those difficult and upsetting emotions and thoughts that are disturbing you.

Counselling can help you to get to a place of relief within yourself where your life can seem brighter and where your choices can seem better and more hopeful.

Bereaved by Suicide?

If you have been bereaved by suicide you can be in shock, left wondering if there was anything you could or should have done to prevent the person your loved dying by suicide. You could be haunted by unanswered questions, feelings of guilt, memories of the last meeting or conversation with the person lost to you. Often these feelings are compunded by the lack of understanding of others who do not have the same experience.

Counselling can allow you to explore these feelings and questions in an environment that is safe, confidential and non-judgemental. If you wish to book an appointment contact me.

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