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Stress Management & Counselling

Doctor’s attribute 70% of all illnesses they treat to personal stress. Unmanaged stress is the biggest cause of absenteeism from work. Your personal stress is a combination of the stressors you experience in work and at home.

The causes of this can include relationship problems both personal and work related, financial worries, workload, job security, recession related worries, concerns about your future and worries about family members.

Long-term stress in men is 4 times more likely to cause heart disease. In women, long term stress can make the 3 time more susceptible to depression. 

Stress isn’t always bad. In small doses it can help your performance and motivate you to do your best under pressure. However, when you are constantly running in stress mode, your mind and body pay the price.

If you are frequently under pressure and stress, find yourself frazzled and overwhelmed, then it is time to take some action and bring it under control. Modern life is full of deadlines, demands, hassles and frustrations. In times of recession we can find that more and more is expected of us and we have less and less to give.

It is not always easy to discuss these problems with friends, family, employers or colleagues. Managing stress is about taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, schedules, environment and how you deal with problems. Some of the things that affect your stress management levels are:

  • Your Support Network
  • Your sense of control
  • Your attitude and outlook
  • Your ability to deal with your emotions

Counselling can help you put a stress management plan in place by looking at these areas and helping you to make better choices an select better options in your life.

It’s important to realise when your stress levels re out of control. Stress can creep up on you and you become used to it. Stress affects the mind, body and behaviour in many ways and stress is different for everybody.

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