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Frequently Asked Questions

Why me? ….. I don’t have a problem?

Sports counselling can be as much about prevention as it is about cure. We all do our best in life, but life can be wearying and confusing at times. We can feel depressed, alone, confused.

Even in sport, where we are playing and enjoying ourselves, the pressures and anxieties can be enormous.

Sports people tend to keep their private life private. Without a safe envoirenment to talk about these anxieties and stresses, the world can become an isolated and lonely place.

The more sucessful you are the more isolated it can feel. Counselling provides a safe and confidential place to explore these emotions and feelings.

How can sports counselling help?

People who play sports are subjected to enormous pressures and unreasonable expectations from managers, coaches and fans. Managers are subjected to the expectations of the fans and the people who appointed or employed them.

The pressure to perform or produce a winning team performance can lead to such emotional difficulties as anxiety, fear of failure, panic, depression and in some cases suicudal ideation. Sports counselling provides a safe and confidential place to talk about these. It allows you to explore your strengths on and off the field as well as your percieved weaknesses.

Sports counselling and lifestyle coaching can help you re-evaluate these thoughts and feelings and reframe them in a more positive way.

Can Sports Counselling help my performance on the field?

Skill and ability are only part of what makes a successful sports person. Belief and self confidence are significant contributory factors.

These are an inate part of our make up that can be affected by many things in life such as financial or work pressures, relationship or family problems, fears around what people will think of us and being terrified of making a mistake can paralyze any individual.

Imaging trying to play your sport of choice with one arm or leg tied behind you? This can be what it feels like if you are worried about things off the field that are not directly related to you sporting activities.

Sports counselling and lifestyle coacing can allow you to deal with these issues and free up your mind to concentrate on your sport.

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