Counselling For Smoking Cessation

  • Do you want to stop smoking quickly and easily?
  • Would you like to stop smoking without gaining weight?
  • Would you like to stop smoking without all the withdrawals and cravings instantly?
  • Are you worried about what smoking is doing to your health, wealth and physical appearance?
  • Have you tried quitting before and failed?
  • If there was an easy way to stop smoking, would you do it today?

If the answer is YES then you are on track.

It is true to say the hardest habit to break is the one to quit smoking. There are many who say they would die if they had to quit or life would have no meaning.

Both these are untrue Smoking is a dirty disgusting life threating habit. There is no quick fix to quitting smoking. If you want to give up smoking for good you need to take a closer look at your smoking and understand why you smoke.

What are the effects of smoking on your life and your future good and bad?

You may find that your level of motivation changes from day-to-day depending on your mood and the situations you find yourself in.

Changing your attitude to smoking, making the decision to give up, and changing your lifestyle are important to your success.

Making The Right Decision

As an accredited counsellor and hypnotherapist, Billy helps you with his unique style , which addresses both the conscious and unconscious minds. Breaking habits and behaviours which are associated with the habit of smoking Disassociation from what presumes are Life threatening if you give up and forever quit the habit life will be enjoyable.

A recent report by the HSE reports that smoking accounted for five and a half thousands deaths in Ireland last year.


By making the decision to quit smoking you are choosing to live longer.

I give a unique and full support to each client who wishes to quit and regain their life from this disgusting habit.

Many people look at the negative aspects of quitting smoking but with counselling you embrace the positives both consciously and unconsciously, the pluses both Financially and Healthwise. Sessions cost €100 for one 60 minute session or €130 for 2 x 60 mnute sessions.

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