Serious Illness

Serious Illness & Counselling

Often when diagnosed with a serious or life threatening illness the individual or their families can think the worst, become frightened or unable to deal or cope with the instant shock of this horrific news. Counselling can help with coping skills and acceptance of what has happened.

It can then help you to look at the affects and effects it will have on the life of the individual and their family and friends. Taking control of the situation rather than letting it take control and power away from all involved.

Some people find that its easier for them to face the reality of a diagnosis or scary situation if they learn as much as they can about it. This is especially true when you are dealing with a complex group of diseases like cancer.

There is often a great fear of the unknown and uncertainty about what’s going to happen. Learning about the sickness can help lessen the fear and with greater knowledge can come strength with insight. You can learn a lot about the type of cancer you have, its treatment, and your chances for recovery.

Even though people facing serious illnesses such as cannot change their diagnosis, they can seek out reliable, up-to-date information and talk to family members, friends, and their health care team.

Often finding good sources of support can help people with serious illness take control of their situation and make informed decisions. Counselling offers this support and provides a safe place for the sufferer to be honest about their fears and to be understood.

Its important to work through your feelings about your illness, because how you feel can affect how you look at yourself, how you view life, and what decisions you making about treatment.

Often family and friends mean well but it can be disheartening to individuals by not fully understanding the true feelings.

Also working with your medical doctors and nurses around the dos and don’ts, having family members to support you with appointments and not been afraid to question or seek advise from the experts is a good first move and shows you to want take charge of the situation.

You will not be able to change many things in your life. Focus on what you can change to gain a greater sense of control over your situation. With serious illness confidence and self esteem are effected and Depression can set in.

This will not help your situation. Counselling helps you embrace all the above offering a safe confidential place for the sufferer or loved ones. A place to look a these issues which are real and have a huge bearing on the recovery process

Who Should Seek Help

The individuals effected with serious Illness. Family members, partners, friends, Caregivers, Support Workers and Children of those diagnosed. Counselling is a place to talk in a safe confidential non-judgemental way. Most illnesses offer a support service for the above.

Don’t be afraid to utilise these services. However there are times when the individual will want to seek out their own help and that’s also ok, but the importance of talking with a trained helper is of huge benefit.

Counselling does help. Its important to remember that Serious illness effects more than the Individual sufferer and when not coped with properly individuals can become angry, nasty and confused as to why these emotions arise. Counselling and support offer greater insight and knowledge and help deal with these emotions and feelings in a positive way.

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