Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy (or Choice Theory)

Reality Therapy was developed in the mid-sixties by William Glasser MD, an American Psychiatrist, and its techniques, theory and wider applications continue to evolve at his hands.

Reality Therapy is a method of counselling which teaches people how to direct their own lives, make more effective choices, and how to develop the strength to handle the stresses and problems of life.

In recent times Dr. Glasser has developed a theoretical base for Reality Therapy and this is Choice Theory. He now sees the counsellor’s role as one of helping the client learn the principles of Choice Theory in his or her own life.

As a certified Reality Therapist I use these theories in a lot of my work. Glasser’s theory states that all we do from birth through to death is behave.

All of our behaviours are designed to try and ensure that one of our 5 basic needs will be met. Most of us operate in a world of “External Control Psychology” and choice theory enables you to replace external control with your own choices.

Choice theory is a very practical approach to resolving the immediate crises and problems that are affecting you on a day-to-day basis.

Theraphy Can Help

Choice Theory can help you to examine:

  • how we live our lives
  • how we relate to others
  • how we interpret “mental illness”
  • how we understand education
  • how we view management

Learning Choice Theory can teach you:

  • new ways to live our lives
  • more satisfactory ways to deal with the relationships in our lives
  • a deeper and more hopeful understanding of mental distress
  • an alternative to many of the destructive practices in education
  • a more satisfactory and productive approach to management

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