Counselling For Parents

How often have you said – No matter what I do as a parent, I feel like I’m being taken for granted. All my child seems to do is yell at me, ignore me or ask me for things. I just feel so unappreciated.

Parenting can be the most challenging, often thankless job – and made more challenging by the fact that somehow, a lot of adults seem to have forgotten what it was like to be a child or teenager.

Also, what we do remember is conveniently stored in such a way that it leaves out what nightmares we were for our own parents!

There are many temptations when it comes to parenting- the urge to control everything down to the new haircut, or the temptation to control in a different way by being your child’s friend.

Neither extreme works unfortunately, and being an effective and responsible parent will mean making unpopular decisions and being told you are awful many times and in many ways!

Remember how you felt when you brought your baby home from the hospital for the first time?

When your child was an infant, you probably acknowledged that you were anxious and unsure of what you were doing at times most new parents are.

Let’s face it, there is no school for parenting, and often we’re really hard on ourselves: we think we’re alone and that we need to come up with the perfect solution or consequence for every situation.

Every parent eventually finds out that theideal image we have pre-kids is not reality. It’s hard work to raise children, and most of us are simply trying to do our best.

Exploring The Areas Of Parenting

Counselling can help you explore the areas of parenting that are bothering you. Perhaps you are struggling to implement a code of discipline, or simply decide on what school to send your child to.

Making decisions that affect the life of someone you love so much can be testing and push you outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes you may get so stressed as to wonder why you became a parent in the first place.

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