Mind & Body Relaxation

Mind / Body relaxation is a technique developed by Billy in his work as a therapist. It can be compared to Meditation or Mindfulness and is similar in many ways.

Billys training as both a counsellor and hypnotherapist has lead him to introduce relaxation into most of his sessions for five or ten minutes depending on the client’s needs.

This has developed from clients continually asking for it at the beginning or end of each session. The process started out as a calming experience first introduced by Billy to ease the clients anxieties around coming to therapy.

The process involves a calming of both body and mind, allowing the thoughts, images and feeling of the present moment to have full attention; but with the client concentrating more on the connecting between Body and mind, their breathing techniques and focussing on parts of the body that often go without acknowledgement.

It has been a huge awakening and learning experience for many clients as to how mind / body relaxation really can help to deal with issues like Anger, High stress levels, Anxiety and panic attacks to pain control.

It gives more control to the individual with time and practice of the process on a daily basis. The process can involve a two-minute quiet moment or a thirty-minute peaceful time at work or home each and every day.

It’s best described as a relaxation technique that involves the participant taking an active encouraging role in the management of their health and wellness. It is designed to teach the client mind and body awareness techniques to help live more comfortably with physical and psychological symptoms due to results of stress and pains or illness.

A Simple Approach

Its a simple approach, which helps the individual feel better, sleep better and increase their enthusiasm and passion for life and work. It offers the client access to powerful inner resources for healing and coping with stresses of everyday life be it a life threating illness or normal everyday living. It helps to practice the “living in the moment” / awareness of everyday life – promoting and sustaining a healthier overall being, connected to both body and mind.

It teaches you to experience the moment just as it is and deal with all issues no matter how intense or difficult they are, giving a greater peace and serenity. It clarifies what relaxation and connecting with the now really is. This process is open to anyone and is highly recommended. This involve a single session process lasting 50 minutes at a cost of €60.00.

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