Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution, Facilitation & Mediation

Interpersonal issues play a large role in many, if not most, conflicts. Facilitation / Mediation provides an opportunity for those involved to address the issues, explore options and reach a workable outcome through a mutually agreeable course of action.

The process is flexible and can be adapted depending on individual situations but essentially revolves around giving every individual concerned an opportunity to give their side of the story and to work with the other party to find a solution.

The process may involve a mix of joint meetings or meetings with the facilitator / mediator alone.

The entire process is focused on every individual involved being comfortable with the process and on the active exploration of potential solutions. Some key principles governing the process include:


  • It is voluntary –  it can only take place on the basis that all sides are agreeable to participate. Anyone can withdraw at any stage if they want to.
  • It is confidential –  the process is private and confidential to the parties unless otherwise agreed. This will give parties confidence to express exactly how they feel and confidence to explore solutions without prejudice.
  • It is fast – takes place as soon as schedules etc permit.
  • It is solution focused – the object of the exercise is to reach a workable and mutually agreeable solution to the conflict or issue of difference.
  • It is impartial – the facilator/ mediator is impartial and does not take sides.

Who avails of this service?

  • Conflict in work situation
  • Family conflict
  • Couples in crisis
  • Organizations in conflict
  • Teams

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