Counselling For Change

The hardest thing to do in life is to change. To change can be to give up old habits, ways of thinking, lifestyle, values and beliefs.

There are many books and models written and produced on Change. Indeed there are many gurus on change. Many therapies and styles of therapy dedicated to helping with Change so one can see what should be easy is indeed a very hard task.

No one or book will offer you quick fix solution to change although many claim to be experts on this. The truth is it takes time and you must really want to.

Like smoking or weight loss – for many it may be easy but for some it is near to impossible they spend thousands on wanting to stop or lose weight. Truth is you have to want to and be honest enough to do what it will take.

How Does Counselling Help?

Counselling is the best method for aiding change, as it is a personal connection, which offers support and understanding on the hardships of change.

It is easy to suggest to someone that if they didn’t smoke they would be both healthy and financially better off. If they didn’t drink or didn’t feel depressed they would be better off, etc.

The fact is change is the hardest habit to achieve. By reading a book and following the guidelines offers guidance. Counselling helps you look at your own life and write and read your own book.

A Lifestyle Change

A lifestyle change could be as simple as taking up walking or swimming instead of watching TV or sitting in front of the computer or going to the pub three evenings a week. These are simple to most people.

However for the individual that they are embedded in, their lifetime habits and comforts and are how the individual relaxes,chills and maintains their balance between sanity and insanity. Many people wish to change but are afraid of new ways of living and thinking. Counselling is all about change not matter what issues are presented. People come to or go to counselling to change. However resistance or unwillingness to change will stop them.

This can be a conscious or unconscious decision. Consciously individuals will look for excuses – Finances or the therapy or therapist was no good are common excuses but unconsciously the fear of change is also protecting the individual and therefore supports the decision.

Counselling doesn’t offer a quick one session fix but a process which may involve several or many sessions depending on the issue – HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING. Counselling for change offers a deeper understanding of these needs been met and a support to the individual when embracing these changes. Failure to change will often set the individual on a downward spiral and unable to reach their maximum potential.

How Does Counselling Therapy For Change Work?

Change takes commitment and courage

First the individual must decide what they want to change be it a habit or lifestyle. In the services section you will see many issues I deal with and they all involve change of Behaviours, thinking, feeling or actions and it takes courage & determination to want to change.

Identifying the change and the effects it is having on your life is the first step. If someone is suffering with depression it takes courage to admit it. To talk to someone i.e. therapist involves trusting that person.

This maybe the issue so you have to change where in the past you didn’t talk about it or felt guilty and ashamed of it and hid it. This involves a huge change.

No Quick Fix!

Not looking for the quick fix solution is also a must. Many people are spending money on quick fix therapies (weight loss & smoking cessation being the two biggest), for these issues without addressing the underlying reason and causes. The failure rates are 99 percent on the above because individuals are afraid to address the core issues. The organisations however will not inform you of these facts.

Change takes and involves Commitment to want change. Counselling helps you look at your issues and write your own book, recovery and steps to change. It offers a way to embrace change with the support of a Listening, supportive and understanding Therapist. It offers a new belief and value system. Whatever the issue being presented, whether its Abuse, Depression, dealing with the past or simply breaking a habit, Counselling for change helps like no other therapy or tablet. If you have any questions around any of the points raised here or wish to make an appointment, please feel free to contact me.

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