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Career Counselling Service

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Career Counselling is an unique new approach developed by Billy and his colleague Tony Freegrove. Career Counselling is focused and tailored to helping individuals that may be having issues around choosing a career path or unhappy in their present career.

Often there may be other factors affecting the individual, which are unknown and require a highly skilled Therapist to uncover and work through

Life coaching is reconigised by many as the way to seek help when issues around Career are concerned an is often the only method people think available when issues of career is concerned.

Life coaching is primarily focused on positive changes and positive outcomes and often only briefly refers to the past for the awareness of the challenges faced.

The term opening the can of worms is very relevant to this and resulting in the client often seeking Counselling for these issues, which are very relevant. Career Counselling is a better and deeper approach aimed at the individual both personal life and work life.

It looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the client, not just from a work approach but from all aspects of life including the past and the present.

What Exactly Is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is for people who are looking for a positive change in all areas of their lives. Some people seek life coaching and other forms of therapy for issues that may arise around career or sport. However Career Counselling is tailored to look at all aspects of the clients development to date. It allows you to address any issues the individual may have that are preventing them from being focused on positive outcomes for the future.

This is the main difference between it, Life coaching and other forms of therapy. Career counselling offers a deeper sense of who the person really is and makes the individual stronger and more aware of their strengths and any issues from the past are dealt with.

What Can Career Counselling Do For Me?

People go to counselling for many reasons. Career counselling is tailored for the individual who is questioning or examining their chosen career path.

Those who may want to change job, career or college course. Career Counselling can help those who want to change their lifestyle or deal better with relationships both at work and personal. Together with your counsellor options will be explored, and possibilities created.

It seeks out challenges that may have blocked or stopped the individual in the past and looks with deeper insight into when and where they came from. It makes the person a better and richer individual, more confident, knowing their strengths and limitations.

It gives the individual better self esteem and helps them pursue and make changes with more confidence and vigour.

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