Coping & Dealing With Bullying Through Counselling

Bullying is a form of abuse . It involves repeated acts over time attempting to create or enforce one person’s power over another, thus an “imbalance of power”.

The “imbalance of power” may be social power and/or physical power. Bullying behavior is often rooted in a bully’s inability to empathize with those whom he or she would target.

Mona O’Moore of the Anti-Bullying Centre at Trinity College in Dublin, has written, “There is a growing body of research which indicates that individuals, whether child or adult, who are persistently subjected to abusive behavior are at risk of stress related illness which can sometimes lead to suicide.”

Those who have been the targets of bullying can suffer from long term emotional and behavioral problems.


Bullying can cause loneliness , depression , anxiety , lead to low self-esteem and increased susceptibility to illness.

Those who have been bullied can benefit from counselling.

Sympathetic support, along with the opportunity to talk about the bullying, is vital, and the right help in the early days will give them a much better chance of avoiding long-term problems such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and increased susceptibility to illness.

Counselling for bullying will include:

Suppressing the painful memories and trying to cope without support may do more harm than good.

  • Affirmation that you have been abused, that you are a damaged person and that you are not to blame for the bullying
  • Validation of your experiences
  • Help in dealing with any traumatic memories so that they no longer control you or take over your life
  • Help in understanding and managing any post-traumatic symptoms you may be suffering
  • Help in overcoming fears and anxieties – but without pressure to tackle things before you are ready and willing to do so.

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