Addiction Recovery

Counselling For Addiction Recovery – Addict & Family Members

Recovering from addiction can often be a daunting journey. Support groups and AA meetings are excellent tools in aiding the process.

However often the individual can become lost as they strive to adapt to talking about their situation.

This often leads to comparing themselves with others on similar paths and to judging themselves against other.

You may feel unsafe sharing within the group or don’t have the self belief or confidence to talk. You may feel that you are not being heard and this can lead to a return to addiction.

Counselling for recovery offers a place where you are safe to tell your real story and provides extra personal guidance to look at the issues in life that are real which may have led to addiction.


Learning to live in a more peaceful, creative way can help you to make the changes you want to make in your life. It removes the stigma of addiction and helps with self-esteem and confidence.

Often in family and personal relationships after recovery there are huge issues around trust. Counselling for recovery reconigses this and helps in these situations, often meeting with the individuals who may have personal issues of their own but are afraid to deal with them blame the addict for their situation.

It provides greater self belief, self trust and respect and builds deeper, stronger relationships with both self, family and partners

Family Partners & Children

Addiction recovery also offers a place for individuals who have been affected within the family to tell their story and how the addiction has affected them. Often they suffer in silence and can become resentful of the addict. Counselling for recovery offers the addict’s loved ones a place to be heard, helps address any issues that have arisen and offers you greater insight, allowing you to become a stronger person.

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